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Hair Hydrations Maintenance System

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Hair Hydrations Maintenance System

Experience the ultimate moisture system for your hair! Applying this system to your everyday use can enhance your hair leaving you feeling... You guessed it. Refreshed & Balanced.  Each system comes with your own choice of Hair Hydrations Sensitive Skin Oil , Hair Hydrations Therapeutic Oil or Hair Hydrations Blessings Flow Oil. 

NOTE: Please refer to the Hair Hydrations Oil System to reference your choice of oils:

 Hair Hydrations Oil System:
* Sensitive Skin Oil delivers all of the organic properties at the cellular level while moisturizing the hair. This oil is fragrance free. *Customize Sensitive Skin Oil with your alcohol free aromatherapy!
* Therapeutic Oil delivers a “ONE, TWO PUNCH! There are penetrating, pure essential oils that deliver relief to any scalp issues with seborrhea, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, as well as dry and wet dandruff.
* Blessings Flow Oil infuses the ultimate moisture coupled by a sweet fruity aromatherapy.